jareth is actually the definition of creepy predatory male and that movie is mildly terrifying when you watch it as an adult but he’s my favorite kind of villain [vain, cocky, OTT and obsessive personality]. so.

also now none of the numbers on my backup keyboard are working? considering it’s backup for the keyboard on my laptop that also doesn’t work……….. fuck

I’m confused… I thought they were uploading all of LoK’s episodes to Nick’s website, but there are a selective few missing? For example, I don’t see “The Voice in the Night” available, and it’s definitely not the only one missing [my brother said he couldn’t find a string of episodes from Book 1, either]. Am I missing something, guys?

The guy at BK gave me ice cream instead of the iced coffee I wanted and I just… didn’t… have the heart to correct him

you ever think about how you’re never actually seeing yourself as others see you when you look in the mirror bc you’re seeing an inverted image of yourself that’s completely opposite of your features in reality


Raphael Sbarge and Luciano Costa, voice actor and face model for Kaidan Alenko in Mass Effect at SDCC.

"…Stand down.  You’re in my way, and the sight of your appalling hair makes my gorge rise."